Chisum Power Generating Station Co., intends to construct 80MW Diesel Plant Cluster at its latest location six (6) miles north of Carrizozo, Lincoln County, New Mexico at Robsart, a ghost town, currently served by Southern Pacific Railway.


Chisum Power has been contacted and is currently in negotiation a long term agreement with a new manufacturing plant soon to be constructed next to the Chisum Plant. There is a lack of reliable 65MW electrical power supply in the region that is required for “round-the-clock” operations required by the manufacturing company.


Additionally, Chisum Power is in contact with an iron ore mining company that is inquiring as to the available power supply for their mining operations 24/7.


Construction is expected to be completed and in operation in six months.


Chisum Power Generating Station Co. is a wholly owned subsidiary Oro Montana S. A. Inc.